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Ours is a story of loss, hope, pain, vision, poverty, and empowerment and until there is a peaceful


Appeal for Notebook distribution for refugees
Educating the next generation has always been one of the key concerns of Organisation for Eelam Refugee Rehabilitation.
Sri Lankan Food Festival
A first-of-its-kind initiative in Chennai, the Sri Lankan Food Festival, organized by OfERR, featured an authentic offering of traditional Sri Lankan Food.
Expression of Gratitude
A pair of shoes may not seem like a big deal to most of us, but to many underprivileged children it is a luxury they can only dream of. An overwhelming majority of the children in Tamil Nadu don't get a change to wear shoes in their lives. OfERR, an organization of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees, by refugees and for refugees, worked for over 11/2 years to receive 111,030 shoes from an American Company.
(April 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The stage is set for the elimination of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. The likely decimation of the LTTE and concerns for the civilians held hostage by it in the 17 square kilometer war zone (supposed to have been the safe zone!) have become emotive issues for the Tamil populations within Sri Lanka, the Diaspora and the world at large. The inability of the International Community to demand the LTTE let go the civilians it is holding hostage as part of its survival tactics, is shameful and demonstrates a refusal to articulate the truth, in the face of overwhelming evidence. Diplomacy does not dictate the international community should take the side of blatant evil and falsehood.
Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu
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